Live longer

At last someone has invented something sensible.
Three cheers for Volvo – the car manufacturer who nailed ‘Safety’ to their masthead years ago, for neither just sitting on their motor technology fence or for myopically pursuing a 4 wheel safety policy.
Volvo have recognised that staying alive on our roads is most perilous for its 2 wheel cousins, understanding that cyclists rarely get a second chance in a collison with a motor vehicle.  The odds shorten even more at night, so the free trialling of a technology product that make the invisible, visible is very very welcome.

Folks, watch this film with a sense of pride and appreciation. For those Mums and Dads who dread the idea of their kids running the traffic gauntlet every day, LIFE PAINT is the absolute must have product.


One response to “Live longer

  1. Garry Clement-Boggis

    I have found most car brands a disappointment when you actually come to deal with them on a professional basis (A certain German one in particular). Volvo wasn’t.

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