The British are coming!

Was it really over 30 years ago that Chariots of Fire writer, Colin Welland spikily restated the Paul Revere war cry? Whilst meant to enforce the resurgence of the British film industry, the resulting years often resembled a polite queue rather than a wholesale invasion. Rather more “Chariots of Fire extinguisher’ than ‘Chariots of Fire Lighter’. And so it ever was in the modern sporting arena. Somehow as soon as the crowds stopped wearing suits and ties we seemed always too happy to ‘Play up and play the game” rather than crush our opponents.

Until we got our break, and the Olympian spirit  . . .
now there is no stopping us. We are serial champions – Tour de France Winners, Olympic Gold,silver, bronze medal winners, US Open Golf winners, British Lions winners . . . even the impossible dream, Wimbledon Winners . . . has the nation gone mad?
Maybe it is our time in the summer sun, that has turned not just the frowns to smiles, but the FTSE 100 to over perform? If I was a book making Politician I would be lumping on all things British, from farming to the NHS. You are going to chime with the national psyche.

So I pity the poor Aussies, about to be white-washed in the most glorious of all glory-soaked stages – the Ashes series. Humility does not sit well upon the antipodean shoulders, and the redtops will revel in it.

A few more weeks of this sun-drenched Arcadia and even the jaundiced football writers will have us winning the World Cup in Rio next year. And why not? From underdog to top dog, we British have suddenly found winning to be the new adrenaline fuelled rush.
Wrapping ourselves up in the Union Jack is no longer just the game for the BNP – flag waving is back on the agenda. Forget inferiority – we have a Queen and Country to be proud about. So forget Swedish homestores and American coffee joints – Chintz, Tweeds and tea are the way of the future.
Oh happy sunny day. Yes, we invented the weather too.


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